7 Simple Strategies to Motivate Employees

Employee motivation at work

All businesses know that their success lies within their staff members. But managing multiple employees is easier said than done, and there are times when your staff is simply unmotivated. When you discover facts like how the average employee is only productive for about three hours a day, this gives you the incentive to put a little spark in your staff members.

If you’re wondering how to motivate employees at work, understand this tactic isn’t rocket science. You just have to know the right tips and tricks. Here are 7 strategies to motivate employees. These methods will help bring energy to your office, enhance commitment, and give your employees the push they need.

1. Set Measurable Goals

One of the common reasons why employees are unmotivated is management assigns them tasks and goals that are either mundane or unrealistic. In addition, some projects seem to never end. All of these issues cause employees to be stuck in a routine, which isn’t very satisfying.

This is why setting measurable goals is one of the best ways to motivate employees. Ideally, the goals should be short and easy to accomplish. These goals not only keep employees on track but will give them a boost to complete their tasks. Of course, you should always praise their accomplishments, which brings us to our next section.

2. Praise Their Work

Your staff members put a lot of effort into their work. Always remember to praise them for a job well done. Even though you likely only expect phenomenal work from your staff, everyone likes to know they’re doing a great job. Acknowledging them is very positive and will keep them productive.

How do you recognize great work? Bonuses and raises are traditional methods. While your staff won’t say no to extra money, throw some additional tactics in there. Give shout-outs at every staff meeting. Buy them lunch one day. You can also encourage peers to praise others’ work so this acknowledgment is not only limited to management.

3. Provide the Equipment

BYOD (bring your own device) is a common tactic that helps get the job done while decreasing overhead. However, there are issues with the BYOD setup. 

BYOD is a major security risk but also may be the reason for lack of productivity. For example, developers need complex programs in order to do their job well. These products can be expensive and they may settle for a cheaper product that doesn’t produce the results you want.

Instead, provide the right equipment. This will save your staff money and will make them more efficient.

Even if your staff doesn’t have technical jobs like developers, providing the essentials will matter more than you think. High-quality chairs can prevent back problems down the line and ergonomic desks will make them more comfortable. You can also offer a standing desk if your staff prefer to stand while working.

4. Ensure Your Workplace Is Healthy

While this seems like simple advice, office politics and drama can make any workplace toxic. A healthy and positive work environment will only make your employees feel more comfortable, motivating them to provide their best work.

How do you achieve this? The easiest thing you can do is build rapport with each staff member. Keep your office door open if your staff members have any concerns or suggestions. Making them feel like part of the team, who can contribute a lot to your organization, will matter more than you think.

In addition, stay calm and be honest. Resist challenging your staff members or assigning extra assignments if they’re visibly uncomfortable. Let your staff members decide their work.

Transparency is also another quality that will result in a healthy workplace, which brings us to our next point.

5. Stay Transparent

Trust is the factor that will separate an engaged employee to, well, one who will leave your business to work for a competitor. In order to build trust, stay transparent. You should not only focus on transparency between management and staff but also between staff members.

How do you build transparency? As stated in the previous section, let employees know your office door is always open for questions and concerns. When you respond, don’t be defensive. Instead, simply explain.

Access to information is also an easy way to stay transparent. Send weekly newsletters so your staff members are all on the same page. Everyone will be on the same page as far as requirements and goals are concerned, so there’s no guessing. This will all help motivate your employees.

6. Promote Teamwork, But Also Understand Solo Work

Teamwork is one of the most classic ideas to motivate employees. That’s because teamwork has many benefits. Teams comprise multiple different personalities and work preferences. Everyone can work together in their own way to accomplish a project. Teamwork generally results in overall better planning and sharing ideas, which can help solve problems.

However, teamwork doesn’t work for all projects and it certainly doesn’t work for anyone. Certain personality types simply work better on their own. Working in teams is also distracting for some since there are likely conversations occurring that aren’t work-related.

For some goals and projects, understand when solo work is best. This also includes accommodating employees who would rather work remotely.

7. Offer Clear Advancement

What motivates employees the most? A promotion. While we all like our jobs, there comes a time when we want to move up. That’s why all businesses should be transparent on advancement opportunities for all roles. This way, your staff can make their own personal goals and can do what it takes to bolster their individual roles.

Clear advancement is also a plus for you. Productivity and engagement increase, since your staff has their own goals they’re working toward. Depending on the role, your staff can also exercise all of their creativity, resulting in innovation.

Use These Strategies to Motivate Employees

If you’re not accomplishing your business goals, you may want to look at your staff. When you motivate employees, you give them the space to perform their best work. Not only that, but your employees want to know they’re appreciated at their place of work. Use these tips to have a more productive and motivated staff.

There are other ways to motivate your employees. An effective HR team, better shift management, and improved employee benefits can all make a difference. We offer all of these services and more. Contact us today to find out how StaffWizard can help.


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