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From employee entrance to exit, StaffWizard has a solution for your business.

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Transparent Onboarding Software

Track potential candidates through your HR web portal as they make their way through a customizable onboarding process. StaffWizard provides tools such as paperwork and classroom to obtain important applicant information and transfer important documents to their employee profile if hired.

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Remote Team Onboarding and Communication

Remote team building is critical to businesses with remote workers. And communication is an essential part of any business. StaffWizard believes that the people who make up a business are more important than what the company produces. This is why StaffWizard’s HR Management solution helps with things like building remote culture through awards and newsletter outreach.

When an employee earns an award or gets a promotion, a notification is sent through an automated built-in newsletter, where other employees receive notification and can give a badge or congratulate them. Almost as if they were back at the office. StaffWizard’s remote team building solutions help keep employees inspired, and reward them for achieving goals.

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and culture simplified

StaffWizard makes building culture easy in a time where remote work has made it so crucial.

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Employee Onboarding & HR Solutions

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Employee Time Tracking

Easily keep track of your team's hours, time-off, and holidays in multiple locations. GPS tracking enables you to see where your team is throughout the workday.

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Payroll Tax Management

Grow your business with confidence using StaffWizard's Tax management service. Our software helps you stay compliant, avoid risk, and streamline your payroll tax processing.

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Complete Payroll Solution

Easily pay your staff by utilizing the timeclock import function. Our payroll software will pull the information from the schedule and generate checks for your employees for direct deposit or our pay card program.​

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