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A Low-Cost Approach to Payroll

Before we started this project, our team noticed a need for a modern payroll engine, and the majority currently in place are not intuitive or user-friendly. That’s when StaffWizard was born! StaffWizard is more than just a payroll software. It features a user-friendly interface, along with an arsenal of tools to prevent and catch payroll errors while streamlining the payroll process.

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The Most Affordable Payroll Software for Small Business

Flexibility is something we take great pride in as a company. It’s simple. StaffWizard offer’s more than an easy to use payroll program. We can be used as an all and one solution or standalone. Allowing us to create  a tailored experience for each user. 

The StaffWizard Payroll program includes application management, onboarding, staff training, LMS, background checks, I-9’s, HR, in-app messaging, payroll scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, AR, payroll and much more. We will beat any price for a comparable product. 

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Our Payroll Service Will Save You Time and Money

"StaffWizard is user-friendly and takes the stress off of processing payroll" - Elizabeth Carroll, CEO of Marriage Bootcamp

How our Affordable Payroll Solution will Help Your Business Succeed

Easy Payroll

Affordable HR Services We Provide

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HR & Onboarding

Hire new employees the easy way. Customize your Onboarding and classroom experience while tracking the status of your applicant with our Applicant Tracking System.

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Payroll Tax Management

Grow your business with confidence using StaffWizard's Tax management service. Our software helps you stay compliant, avoid risk, and streamline your payroll tax processing.

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Time and Attendance

Easily keep track of your team's hours, time-off, and holidays in multiple locations. GPS tracking enables you to see where your team is throughout the workday.

Your schedulingdispatchinginvoicing, and payroll management can be simple. Contact us to make your Staff Wizards today and get free Payroll Migration.

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