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Easy Shift Management & Tracking

StaffWizards Shift Management module makes it easy to keep up with upcoming shifts in real-time. Our color-coded system makes it easier to identify problems and take action all in one place. Mitigate risks and take immediate action.

Shift Management pairs well with our text supervisor communication module, which allows you to constantly stay in touch with your staff and eliminates the need for third-party messaging apps. Our free Shift Management training videos make it easy to learn!

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StaffWizard's Shift Management Features

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Employee Time Tracking

Easily keep track of your team's hours, time-off, and holidays in multiple locations. GPS tracking enables you to see where your team is throughout the workday.

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Payroll Tax Management

Grow your business with confidence using StaffWizard's Tax management service. Our software helps you stay compliant, avoid risk, and streamline your payroll tax processing.

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Complete Payroll Solution

Easily pay your staff by utilizing the timeclock import function. Our payroll software will pull the information from the schedule and generate checks for your employees for direct deposit or our pay card program.​

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