The All-In-One Staffing and Payroll Solution

Staff Wizard is your all-in-one Payroll Solution for Onboarding, HR, LMS, Scheduling, Management, Dispatching, Payroll, Invoicing, AR and much more.

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Create Schedules

Staff Wizard lets you generate and manage schedules for multiple locations and employee types all on one page.

Hire Employees

Staff Wizard has a solution for every phase of employment with additional subscriptions like payroll available for purchase.

Dispatch Management

What used to take an entire team can now be done with a few people. Manage and view live shifts in real time with our dispatch system.

Mobile Payroll Reports

All reports are filled out using Staff Wizard's mobile app. This saves time and ensures communication stays up to date.

GPS and NFC Tracking

Create GPS and NFC checkpoints to ensure tasks are completed and employees are making their rounds in a timely manner.

Simplified Invoicing

Your finance department is now located in Staff Wizard's dashboard. From invoicing and Accounts Receivable to Payroll.

The Perfect Payroll Solution for Security Guard and Temp Agencies

Security Guard and Temp Scheduling that is so easy that anyone can do it.  Staff Wizard’s advanced time management features make scheduling employees fast and easy. Just add a new employee and Staff Wizard finishes the job.

Staff Wizard Payroll includes built in check-in and check-out reminders on an easy-to-use App. 

The App is easy to download and employees have their schedules as soon as they finish training.

Easy Payroll

Why Choose Staff Wizard For Your Payroll Solution?

Staff Wizard’s payroll app is user friendly and easy to use. Managers can use the app for confirming and verifying schedules, while employees and temps can easily see when they work. Enjoy features like interactive training, in-app messaging and report writing for an all-in-one payroll scheduling solution.

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Saves you time

Staff Wizard's software reduces the time spent managing your company and running payroll.​

24x7 Support

Contact us day or night with any questions or concerns you may have.

Affordable payroll solution

Staff Wizard offers an all-in-one payroll software to eliminate the need for buying multiple systems.

Staff Wizard’s Experts Are Here to Help

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IOS & Android Apps

StaffWizard’s leading mobile app is easy to use and data-efficient. View your checks, schedules, and request time off all in one place.

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