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Learning Management Systems (LMS) help your new hires and existing staff to stay on top of training. Confidently know that you will have the most knowledgeable staff in your industry. One of our fundamental values at StaffWizard is continuous learning. We offer a wide variety of learning management tools that can easily interact with your staff. And we have comprehensive LMS training videos.

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The Best Learning Management System for your business

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HR & Onboarding

Hire new employees the easy way. Customize your Onboarding and classroom experience while tracking the status of your applicant with our Applicant Tracking System.

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Payroll Tax Management

Grow your business with confidence using StaffWizard's Tax management service. Our software helps you stay compliant, avoid risk, and streamline your payroll tax processing.

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Payroll Engine

Easily pay your staff by utilizing the timeclock import function. Our payroll system will pull the information from the schedule and generate checks for your employees for direct deposit or our pay card program.

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