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How would you like to have a team of experts working to create an RFP for your security service and then researching, interviewing and selecting the best security guard service for your needs?

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StaffWizard’s Vendor Management Service does the work.

We make sure that we match the best security guard company to you requirements.  Our RFP service costs you nothing.  It is completely FREE.  We require the winning company to pay us with only 1-2% of the invoice amount.

Do you want a company that professionally trains their officers, conducts background investigations, sex offender checks, drug screening, provides all reports online, has great communication tools, has a great portal for reports, uses the most advanced software, and provides fast response?

We will find the best fit for you.

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Why use Staff Wizard’s Vendor Management Service?

StaffWizard’s CEO, Jim Carroll, has 40 years experience owning and operating one the largest guard services in the USA.  He knows all the ins and outs of bid proposals.  He knows how to create contracts that protect you.  He knows where companies try to cheat.  He knows exactly what to look for and how to evaluate security guard companies.  He knows how to create RFP’s that are fair and balanced.   He knows how to negotiate the best price for you. 

StaffWizard’s, Attorney, Kevin Kerr, has 40 years experience involving contractual agreements.  He knows how to protect you and what is fair for the security guard companies.  He knows how to add the requirements that protect you from lawsuits.   He knows what is and is not covered by liability insurance.   

Our Vendor Management Service Includes:

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