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How would you like to have a team of experts working to create an RFP for your security service and then researching, interviewing and selecting the best security guard service for your needs?

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StaffWizard’s Vendor Management Service does the work.

StaffWizard’s VMS creates ease, efficiency, and profitability for your company.   We match the best security guard companies with your locations while reducing your workload and administrative cost.   Best of all, you receive all these services for NO cost.  

Some of your benefits include: General Liability Insurance Protection, Contractual Management Protection, Standard Performance Requirements, Criminal History Rules, Sexual Offender Searches, I-9 Verifications, 1099 Forms, Training Requirements, Drug Testing, RFP Specialization, Negotiations, Investigations and References, Minority and Women Owned, Standard Training Requirements, Ongoing Training Requirements, Geofencing and Security Guard Tracking System, Daily Online Reporting System, Standardized Situational Policies, Verified Invoices, Regulations for Subcontractors,

It’s difficult to find any VMS that works with security guard service.  Why?  Because the security guard industry operates on a very small markup.  There’s not much money available to VMS providers and the last thing you want in the security guard industry is to slash prices and end up with sloppy inferior services.  StaffWizard only charges the vendor a 2% fee.  

How can StaffWizard’s VMS be successful when others won’t touch the security guard industry?  It’s simple.  StaffWizard is much more than a VMS.  StaffWizard is also one of the most advanced all-in-one management software systems for security guard companies.  

StaffWizard program includes application management, onboarding, training, LMS, background checks, I-9’s, HR, messaging, scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, AR, payroll and much more.  We provide better services for better prices to all security guard services.   We will upgrade the performance of every guard company by consulting and providing elite software services. 
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Why use Staff Wizard’s Vendor Management Service?

StaffWizard’s CEO, Jim Carroll, has 40 years experience owning and operating one the largest guard services in the USA.  He knows all the ins and outs of bid proposals.  He knows how to create contracts that protect you.  He knows where companies try to cheat.  He knows exactly what to look for and how to evaluate security guard companies.  He knows how to create RFP’s that are fair and balanced.   He knows how to negotiate the best price for you. 

StaffWizard’s, Attorney, Kevin Kerr, has 40 years experience involving contractual agreements.  He knows how to protect you and what is fair for the security guard companies.  He knows how to add the requirements that protect you from lawsuits.   He knows what is and is not covered by liability insurance.   

Our Vendor Management Service Includes:

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