How to Improve Your Employee Onboarding Process

onboarding process

You’re finally getting ready to hire employees for your business. Workers officially have the upper hand, so you need to make sure that your hiring and onboarding process leaves your new hires confident and happy so they stick around.

But how do you onboard new employees in the most effective way? Is your onboarding process really as effective as it could be? Let’s talk about it.

Read on to learn all about how you can improve your onboarding strategy in 2022.

Start With the First Email

Did you know that good onboarding begins before your employee sets foot in your workplace (or, if you’re running a remote workplace, before they even log in)? Start with an onboarding email to welcome your new employee and make them feel less anxious about their first day on the job.

So what should you include in that onboarding email?

First, give them a warm welcome. Let them know how excited you are to have them on your team and highlight a few things that made you choose them for the role. 

Make sure that you give the employee all relevant information in the email, even if they already have it. Let them know where they’re going to be working, when they should arrive, and if there’s a dress code that they need to adhere to on the first day.

If they need to make any special first-day preparations, include that in the email as well.

If you have a training manual or any other important documents that don’t include things that the employee needs to sign on their first day, attach them to the email. Even if you give your employee hard copies later, it’s good for them to have those things before they start working so they can get a “feel” for the job.

If another current employee is willing to “buddy-up” with the new hire, consider adding their contact information so your new employee has a peer to turn to if they get confused. 

By starting with a strong opening email, you’re setting yourself and your employee up for onboarding success. 

Make New Employees Feel Welcome

Your new employee’s first day should be relatively stress-free. They may be anxious to hit the ground running, but make sure that you don’t scare them off right away!

Give them a tour and make sure that you’re ready to answer any pressing questions. Show them where they belong in the workplace, where they can take breaks, and where other departments work (if applicable). 

Introduce them to their new team so they don’t have to go through the awkward process of doing it themselves. This will make them feel more comfortable.

Consider offering some kind of welcome package, even if it’s only small tokens of appreciation like office supplies or a workplace lanyard. Small things like this make a large difference. 

Remember that this is your opportunity to show off your company culture. If your employee doesn’t feel welcome right away, they may not be interested in sticking around. 

Improve Your Onboarding Software

Are you still living in the dark ages with your employee onboarding software? If so, it’s time to upgrade. It’s easier than ever to modernize your onboarding, reduce paperwork, and even automate certain tasks. 

With our onboarding software, you can collect all of the important documents in one place. You can also conduct all of the necessary background checks on your employe before they start their first official day.

Everything is gathered in one convenient place. It’ll be easier for both you and your employee to keep track of everything. 

Go Beyond the Basics

Many employers just give their employees basic tours and instructions during onboarding, but this is a mistake. Onboarding should mean that you’re giving your employee everything that they need to succeed.

Most employees are hungry for this information. They know how to do the tasks at hand, but they don’t know how to excel without your guidance or the guidance of other employees.

Let them know what their targets are on the first day (but don’t pressure them to start reaching those targets just yet). Help them understand the path toward success and the potential avenues of growth that they have from their current position if they exceed your expectations. 

Encourage your employee to ask questions during this time.

Encourage Employees to Connect

Connection is everything when you’re onboarding new employees. Encourage your employees to connect with other new hires and your long-term employees alike. You want to foster a friendly and collaborative environment. 

As we mentioned before, it’s a good idea to assign buddies to your new hires. You can assign them a “buddy” that’s also brand new so they have someone who’s “on their level,” but it’s also a good idea to assign a current employee as another “buddy” who can answer their questions and guide them. 

Let your employees work together on tasks when they’re first getting started. Even if they’re going to be independent workers, this initial collaboration will help them grow faster and build relationships with other employees.

It’s a good idea to provide some kind of inter-office chat system so employees are able to communicate all day long. This can keep them motivated and it allows them to help each other if anyone gets stuck. 

Ask for Feedback 

At the end of an employee’s onboarding session (or even throughout the onboarding session), be sure to ask for employee feedback. This is how you can improve your onboarding strategy in the future.

If you’ve onboarded several employees at the same time, consider doing an anonymous survey or poll so no one feels called out. If not, make sure that you let your employee know that this is a judgment-free zone and that you actually want their feedback, even if some of it is negative. 

Improve Your Onboarding Process in 2022

Use these tips next time you’re going through the employee onboarding process. Onboarding should be a comfortable, exciting, and educational experience. This is when your employee learns what it really means to be a part of your company. 

If you’re ready to take your onboarding process to the next level, we have the software for you. Contact us for a consultation to learn all about how our software can help your business.


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